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The excellence of collaboration

MONITERRA group of affiliated companies is established under one Brand Name in order to collect the experiences, the know-how, the collaborations, the friendships, the positive and negative moments, the goals and the visions of a 20 years route through the field of Geodetic & Surveying Engineering.

Involved in any kind and scale of Project TOPOMETRIA Ltd, expertise in Deformation Monitoring, Road/Rail way construction support, and tunneling, whereas AKSM adds the delicate Building/Industrial construction support and Laser Scanning/BIM. In accomplishing our terrestrial activities “from above”, AVIATOP contributes the Aerial Mapping & Services using the potentialities offered by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

To reinforce the cohesiveness of all those services, IQ-Soft develops special software dedicated to all those activities.

Last but not least, GEOSOPHY SSLtd manufactures the high quality monitoring prisms and targets used in our Projects.

In order to face the challenge of spreading our activities worldwide, the only way is to act as one cohesive team, each contributing its specialty to MONITERRA’s services of Engineering.